Micro Powder Grinding Mill

Micro Powder Grinding Mill

micro powder grinding mill is mainly used for grinding the material with middle and low hardness, moisture below 6%, and the material should be non-explosive and non-flammable, such as: calcite, chalk, limestone, dolomite, kaolin, bentonite, steatite, mica, magnetite, iolite, pyrophillite, vermiculite, meerschaum, attapulgite, diatomite, barite, gypsum, alunite, graphite, fluorite, phosphate ore, potassium ore pumice, etc. The size of the finished product can be adjusted between 325-2500 mesh.

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  • Micro Powder Grinding Mill
  • Micro Powder Grinding Mill
  • Micro Powder Grinding Mill
  • Micro Powder Grinding Mill
With the gradual development of domestic industry from rough to refined, many industries are gradually pursuing the pursuit of refined fine powder. Whether it is for investment or enterprise self-use, ultra-fine mill is the star and hot spot on the market. So 1000 mesh, or even finer 1500 mesh, 2000 mesh, which kind of grinding machine should I use? We will analyze you comprehensively from the following points.

1. What is the unit of "mesh"? “Mesh” refers to the number of holes per inch of screen, and the larger the number, the smaller the fineness,
Such as : 
mesh micron/µm mesh micron/µm
12500 1 250 61
6250 2 200 74
2500 5 180 83
1250 10 100 165
800 15 80 198
625 20 60 246
500 25 40 350
425 38 32 495
325 47 20 833
270 53 10 1651

2. The scope and advantages of the micro powder grinding mill?
It is mainly suitable for micro powder processing of non-inflammable and explosive brittle materials with medium and low hardness and Mohs hardness ≤6, such as calcite, limestone, dolomite, kaolin, bentonite, talc, mica, magnesite, Barite, gypsum, graphite, fluorite, phosphate rock, potassium ore, etc. Micro powder grinding mill is double in capacity compare with Energy saving ball mill, jet mill, agitator mill and ball mill, and energy consumption is 30% lower. In the case of the same materials and other conditions, the service life of the wearing parts is 2-3 times longer than impact crusher and the turbine crusher , generally more than one year; when processing calcium carbonate and calcite, the service life is up to 2 -5 years. Clean and environmentally friendly.

The Micro powder grinding mill also called three-ring grinding mill ,its development trend is unstoppable With the passage of time, the development of the mill is also changing with each passing day. At present, the mill industry has developed into a wide field, coarse powder, fine powder. Ultrafine powder ,which all can be made. It provides a strong guarantee for a large number of industries that require powder, and also creates greater economic benefits for human beings.

The development of the mill can be said to provide convenience for many industries, mainly in the cement industry, the coatings industry and the chemical industry.

So what is an micro powder grinding mill? How many fineness can the micro powder grinding machine process? These are quesstions pursued by the buyer. With the development of the market, the mill is also constantly changing, including: ultra-fine mill, high-pressure micro-grinding, high-pressure mill to produce powder of different fineness for use in various industries. Among them, the micro powder grinding mill(three-ring mill )produces finer powder with more than 1500 mesh, of course, the output is not particularly high. The tricyclic mill is mainly between 325-800 powder, which is also the finest used in China. Mainly in the cement, coatings, chemicals and other industries, but the development of ultra-fine powder can not be ignored, many companies have begun to research and development of ultra-fine powder, I believe that in the near future, the use of ultra-fine powder will be more extensive .







Ring Diameter(mm)






Ring Number (PCS)






Roller Number(PCS)






Main Shaft Speed

 (r. p. min)






Input Size (mm)


Finished Size (um)


Capacity (t/h)






Outlet Size L*W*H (m)






Motor powder (KW)






Micro Powder Grinding Mill is equipment designed for customers who need to make ultra-fine powder. This machine is equipped with efficient pulse dust collector and muffler, which can reduce dust and noise. And the whole production won’t take effect on environment. Manufacturer Mineral Grinding Mill Marble ,Micro Powder Mill is specially designed for micro-powder making. Nowadays, micro-powder is widely used in many industries, like sopa, toothpaste, cosmetics, rubber, paint, paper, PVC, glass, etc. It can be used for non-metallic ores like limestone, calcite, kaolin, talc, illite, etc.

What are the structural components and applications of the micro powder grinding mill( three-ring mill)?

The three-ring grinding ore material can be widely used in chemical, glass, metallurgy and refractory materials, making it a good hand in the milling industry. The three-ring grinding can meet the processing needs of all aspects of the market, Winnermac company Adhere to innovation, a new generation of three-ring grinding.

The structure and application of the new three-ring mill are mainly embodied in the following: the dolomite production line usually has a hammer crusher, a bucket elevator, a storage bin, a vibrating feeder, a dolomite mill host, a frequency conversion classifier, and a double cyclone. Powder collector, pulse dust removal system, high pressure fan, air compressor, electrical control system and other components. In addition to processing dolomite, it can also process ultra-fine powder processing of non-inflammable and explosive brittle materials with medium and low hardness and Mohs hardness ≤6, such as calcite, chalk, limestone and dolomite. .

The three-ring mill uses a unique processing technology to process the dolomite ,from raw mineral material into a uniform particle size of 300 mesh to 3000 mesh, which is also super-powerful in energy saving. Built-in precision classifier to achieve fine powder collection, professional configuration of pulse dust collector, muffler, good environmental performance.

What is the working principle of the three-ring grinding?

The three-ring grinding machine is mainly composed of main machine, powder separator, dust collector, dust collector, fan, muffler, soundproof room, crusher, hoist, silo, feeder, etc. It is widely used in the ultra-fine grinding industry. The equipment, below to introduce to you the specific working principle of the three ring grinding: During the operation of the three-ring grinding process, the bulk material is broken into small particles by the crusher, and then sent to the storage bin by the bucket elevator, and then the vibrating feeder and the inclined guiding pipe are sent to the main machine’s turntable upper bulk plate evenly. When the three-ring grinding mill work, the main motor drives the main shaft and the turntable through the reducer, and the turntable passes through the edge of the roller pin to drive dozens of grinding rolls to rotate and roll in the grinding ring raceway. The material is scattered to the periphery under the action of centrifugal force, and falls into the mill cavity, which is impacted, rolled and ground by the grinding roller in the loop of the grinding ring. It is repeatedly ground into a powder through a three- or four-layer loop. The high-pressure fan draws outside air into the machine through suction and brings the pulverized material into the classifier. The high-speed rotating impeller screens it, and the unqualified coarse powder falls back to re-grind. The qualified fine powder enters the cyclone dust collector with the airflow, and the dust falls, which is discharged from the bottom discharge valve. A small portion of the fine dust enters the dust collector with the airflow and adheres to the surface of the filter bag. The pulse valve controls the high-pressure airflow to be instantaneously sprayed from the inside of the filter bag. The dust adhering to it will fall due to the sudden shaking of the filter bag, and the conveyor at the bottom will send the two collected fine powder materials out for the finished product packaging. The filtered clean air is finally removed at the muffler outlet.

1. Three-ring grinding mill is efficient and low-cost. In the case of the same material, power, and fineness of the finished product, the output is 40% higher than that of the jet mill and the agitator mill.

2. The three-ring micronized powder mill has a long service life. In the case of the same fineness of materials and finished products, the wear parts of the impact pulverizer and the turbo pulverizer have a longer service life, generally up to one year.

3. There are no rolling bearings and no screws in the grinding chamber. There are no problems such as the bearing and its seals and the fragile screws are easy to loosen and destroy the machine.

4. The fineness of the tricyclic grinding product can reach d97≤5μm at one time.

Technical advantages
1. Low investment costs. In the case of the same fineness, the injection is less than the airflow mill, the cost is low, and the recovery cycle is short.
2. The powder extraction rate is high. Under the same fineness and power consumption of the finished product, the output is more than 45% higher than that of the jet mill and the agitator mill.
3. Low loss of wearing parts. All wearing parts are made of high-quality wear-resistant materials at home and abroad, which are longer than the wear parts of ordinary mill equipment, and can generally last for more than one year.
4. The operation inside the grinding chamber is safe and reliable. Compared with the ordinary mill, the ultra-fine grinding has no rolling bearing and no screw in the grinding cavity, so there is no problem that the bearing and other sealing parts are vulnerable, and the problem that the screw is loose and the machine is destroyed is avoided.
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