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Rotary kiln frequent ball processing method

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The ball problem of the rotary kiln is a very common problem. The spherical plate significantly reduces the cross-sectional area of ​​the kiln, which seriously affects the ventilation of the kiln and hinders the movement of the material. It has a certain impact on the output, quality, safe operation, coal consumption and power consumption of the rotary kiln. In particular, the rotary kiln that frequently rings does not only damage the normal thermal system in the kiln, but also damages the health of the operator and brings economic losses to the production. How to deal with the frequent packaging of cement rotary kiln? Please contact us to find out the technical staff of Hengchang Machinery Technology Department.
  There are many factors that cause the vibration of the rotary kiln. It relates to the nature of the raw materials, the composition of the raw materials, the fineness of the ash and fuel, the kiln type, the reducing atmosphere in the kiln and the thermal system. In the actual production process, when calcining clinker having a high silicic acid ratio, it is advantageous to reduce ring formation, but white cement clinker having a high silicic acid burning rate is also cyclic. As for the effect of coal ash, all cement rotary kiln that burns oil will also ring. Therefore, the ring problem is more complicated. Now combined with production experience and understanding, talk about the prevention and control of cement rotary kiln ring.
  If the ball has been formed in a rotary kiln, the reasons for the various aspects of the ball should be analyzed, sampled and tested, and the chemical analysis of the core and the spherical shell should be performed separately to find out the cause, and the correct drug, such as the ball, is relatively Smaller. The kiln ventilation should be appropriately increased to make the flame stable, but the kiln temperature should pay attention to the kiln, not too high; the coal used for the kiln head can be slightly reduced, but the complete combustion of the pulverized coal must be ensured, and the feed amount should be appropriately reduced. The speed of the kiln is slightly reduced, and the ball in the kiln is drawn into the shooting zone; after the ball is placed in the shooting zone, some of the kiln speed is reduced and the ball is burned in a short time. In order to avoid clogging or crushing the slab into the cooler, special attention should be paid to the kiln skin.
 If the ball is large, it can be treated by alternating hot and cold methods; when the ball is inside the belt, it is not easy to enter the shooting zone. At this time, the coal pipe can be inserted therein, and the feed amount can be appropriately reduced. After 2 hours, the coal tube was taken out and burned for 1-2 hours. repeatedly. Until the ball breaks; if it can't be broken, you can stop the kiln for 1-2 hours and then ignite the temperature, causing the ball to rupture due to excessive temperature difference. Note: In this process, it is forbidden to roll the large ball into the cooling machine, otherwise it will cause more damage to the cooling machine; the temperature of the kiln tail should not be controlled too high, so as to avoid the small ball falling behind.

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