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The rotary kiln has all those devices

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The cylinder of the rotary kiln used in the industry is rolled from a steel plate, and the lining of the refractory brick is embedded in the cylinder body, and has a certain inclination angle with the horizontal line, and is supported by the three. Support belts on each support device. The large ring gear is fixed to the spanning cylinder near the feed end wheel of the ceramsite rotary kiln by a tangential spring plate, and the pinion meshes therewith. During normal operation, the main drive motor transmits power to the open gear device via the drive to drive the ceramsite rotary kiln.
  What are the installations of the rotary kiln?
  (1) Entrance measures for rotary kiln. The purpose is to help the viscous wet material enter the kiln smoothly.
  (2) Dust removal device and reflux spoon. Solder on the barrel to return the stack of kiln tail or cooling head to the kiln or cooler.
  (3) Scraper. Its function is to remove buildup from the walls of the rotary kiln. The scraper has a circular cross section, three quarters of which have a small curvature, a length of about three times the effective diameter of the rotary kiln, and a steel casting weight of 300-400 kg / m.
  (4) Rotary kiln chain preheating device. The drying belt that flows into the ceramsite rotary kiln is linked. The device can increase the heat transfer area of ​​the rotary kiln drying belt, and can also use the chain to sway with the rotation of the drum to prevent encrustation. The chain is usually 60° continuous with 5-6 segments per row. The configuration starts from 2.4 meters inward from the kiln end and the chain length does not exceed 15 meters. Its disadvantage is that the rotary kiln is worn and usually has a broken chain that falls into the material.
  (5) Heat exchanger. There are various types of heat exchangers in the tropics and coolers of the rotary kiln to increase heat utilization.
  (6) Kiln head iron bricks. Therefore, the calcined clinker enters the cooler, and the kiln head cylinder is protected by a high temperature, wear resistant and easily replaceable iron brick.
  (7) Attachment. In order to meet the process requirements, there are brick holes, thermometer holes and sampling holes on the cylinder.

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