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Rotary kiln structure

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Rotary kiln structure
The design of the specification shall be determined according to the output requirements of the firing system, combined with the raw materials, fuel conditions, preheater, dissociater configuration and other factors.
1. The ratio of the length to the diameter of the two preheater kiln and preheater (should be taken from 11-16).
3 The slope of the preheater kiln and the pre-kiln should be 3.5-4; the speed: the pre-solution kiln should be 3.0-3.5/min, the preheater kiln should be 2.0-2.5/min; the speed range is 1:10.
In limestone rotary kiln, four forced air devices should be used for the bobbin.
Five measures for detecting cylinder temperature for rotary kiln firing zone.
The main motor of the six lime rotary kiln shall use a continuously variable transmission motor and shall be equipped with an auxiliary transmission. The auxiliary transmission should have a backup power supply.
There are many places to be aware of when installing and arranging lime rotary kiln in lime rotary kiln. First of all, we look at the venue, but also look at future maintenance aspects, as well as hydropower and other requirements.
1. First of all, pay attention to the height when setting up the lime rotary kiln. It should be determined according to the type and layout of the clinker.
2. At the time of installation, we will use the foundation pier to stabilize the lime rotary kiln. The arrangement of the lime rotary kiln base pier should meet the following requirements:
1) The installation dimensions of the lime rotary kiln should always be based on the cold kiln;
2) In addition, regarding the distance between the foundation piers, a more hot expansion principle should be designed; (h) The calculation of the axial thermal expansion of the kiln should be based on the belt with the baffle near the transmission, and should be oriented to two End extension; (h) The slope of the base should be equal to the slope of the kiln, and the base should be perpendicular to the base.
3。 There are more than two limestone rotary kiln, the distance between the two kiln shall be determined, and the following principles shall be met:
1) Meet the layout requirements of the kiln head and tailings equipment;
2) Convenient equipment operation and overhaul;
3) Combine the reasonable position of the control room.
4‚ Ensure that the voltage, current and hydraulic pressure are normal before starting the machine to ensure the operation of the equipment.

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